Make Kdays have a clear vegan friendly stand or identification of which stands are

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As a person who has a dairy and meat allergy it blows my mind out of the assumed hundreds of food options served at Kdays, I could only find 2-3 options to eat at. I'm not the only vegan who struggles. The Beaver Tails stand informed me that their dough was cooked in the same fryer as their hot dogs, and La Pountine a common vegan friendly option unfortunately didn't offer their vegan meal either. But kdays does offer some of the strangest foods to enjoy so why not try something completely back to nature? I completely understand the excitement and fun of carnival food but sometimes people might want an option a little bit less heavy with animal products. I'm sure there are parents that would love to have their kids snack on something slightly less deep fried just to balance out the five corn dogs they're going to eat, because perhaps they forgotten to pack a little healthy snack while they were running out the door.

The city of Edmonton has a wide variety of highly successful veggie friendly restaurants so why not throw in a vegan food truck into the mix!  Even just the step of on the website or pamphlet having a "v" where vegans can eat! It will only increase profits by having clear signage.

It's disappointing to go home unsatisfied in a place full of excitement and incredible smells. I'm sure the time will arrive soon enough but why don't we give it a hand to speed it up ;)