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Fire the hateful Breakfast Flakes, to stop them from spreading hate!

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In April, popular Radio hosts known as "The Breakfast Flakes" on KCTR radio in Billings, MT read about an article which explained that a transgender woman had won the right to marry her boyfriend. The radio announcers then went on to describe the situation as an immoral act, comparing it to situations involving incest and bestiality, among other things.
The local school buses play this radio station regularly, and one child was paying particular attention. As the lesbian child of a married couple, one of whom is undergoing the transition from male to female, she was naturally, concerned. She wrote in to the radio station via email explaining her family situation and that she experienced more love than most families, and asked them to apologize for their hateful and hurtful remarks.
The response was astonishing. After complimenting this young, lesbian, girl on her writing skills, the Breakfast Flakes went on to openly discuss her family, comparing them to rapists, pedophiles, and comparing their acts to incest and bestiality. This documentary was played on live radio, being played on school buses in several counties, in addition to the thousands of followers who listen to their show each morning. We need to stand together to say that this intolerance, hate speech, and blatant disrespect of a minor, on the basis of her standing up for LGBT rights, will not be accepted. They have repeatedly refused apologies, as well as conversations with local LGBT rights activists. It's time that these breakfast flakes are dumped down the drain.

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