Bring KCON to London, UK!

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USE THE HASHTAG #BringKCONtoLONDON WHENEVER YOU SHARE THIS PETITION TO MAKE IT BIGGER AND BETTER. Fans in the UK don't get a lot of opportunities to meet and watch their idols on stage. If we do it would be not a well known group and if we are lucky then maybe 2 times a year an idol comes round. KCON is a big hit in America and I'm sure it will be a hit here in London. Super Junior, back in 2013, came to London and almost got a sold out show in Wembley. So if you bring 5-10 idols to London with KCON in Wembley then it will most likely get sold out if you don't put down overly pricey tickets. Just please don't let this dream for us stay a dream. Make it come true. We will be so grateful and won't let you down.


2019 UPDATE:

More and more kpop artists are coming to Europe, and it’s getting larger by the minute. UK/European fans are practically everywhere now! So a KCON in either mainland Europe or England would be so successful!