KCC, please introduce a 20-mph speed limit throughout Ramsgate town centre

KCC, please introduce a 20-mph speed limit throughout Ramsgate town centre

17 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emma Lloyd

On Wednesday evening, 10th August 2022, an appalling hit and run crash occurred on Leopold Street, Ramsgate, Kent that resulted in the tragic loss of 2 lives and left a 6-year-old with critical injuries. A car driver lost control and mounted the pavement, crashed into a wall and a bench where the family were sitting waiting for a bus after enjoying an evening out. The victims were all from the same family, who were visiting our lovely town. 2 young children are now having to cope with the loss of their mother and grandfather taken from them in one night. This trauma and shock will never leave them. And a grieving husband is left to pick up the pieces and now has to try to explain and comfort his children and go back to a home that will feel empty. 

My name is Emma Lloyd and I have been a resident of Ramsgate for 17 years. I have been so saddened, shocked and angered by what happened last week, I felt the strong need to appeal to the authorities to introduce a 20-mph speed limit throughout the town centre.

There is a clear case for slower speeds and better road safety measures in Ramsgate. We have many pedestrians, both residents and tourists, shopping and going about their business in the town, who currently do not feel safe on our streets.  Over the last twelve months alone, there have been seventeen separate serious road safety incidents in Ramsgate - 3 fatalities, 8 serious injuries, 7 slight injuries and 22 causing serious damage to shops, vehicles etc.

Something has definitely got to be done about this!

I am asking KCC to work constructively with TDC, RTC, the Police and local residents to improve pedestrian safety in Ramsgate and make the town more friendly, safe and welcoming for pedestrians. Specifically, I am asking KCC to extend their proposed 20mph limits to the whole town centre, and to install pedestrian crossings on major danger spots. 

Please sign my petition if this is important to you.

Many thanks, Emma.

PS In addition, if you feel that it is appropriate and you feel comfortable doing so, please contact any of the people below directly via email to express your concerns:

Cllr. Roger Gough, Leader of KCC

Cllr. David Brazier, KCC Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport 

Toby Howe, Senior Highway Manager, KCC

Colin Evans, Road Safety Officer, KCC

Alan Pughsley, Kent Police Chief

Matthew Scott, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

Cllrs. Karen Constantine and Trevor Shonk, KCC Councillors for Ramsgate

Craig Mackinlay, MP for South Thanet











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Signatures: 306Next Goal: 500
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