Bring back standing start races in Gran Turismo 7 career mode!

Bring back standing start races in Gran Turismo 7 career mode!

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Started by Bob Bobson


To whom it may concern at Polyphony Digital, please take this request very seriously.

Gran Turismo 7 is one of the most optioned GT games out there, with so many different things you can customise in terms of cars, races and so on. Many, many people were looking forward to this game, hoping it would bring back the magic of the older games, pre-GT Sport.

However one big issue is causing a lot of frustration for thousands of players, and is even mentioned in IGN's, GTPlanet's and other website reviews of the game. Many players do not want rolling starts. They take a LOT of fun out of the starting moments of races, because everyone is already spread out and moving, so it's just a game of catch up. Which can be fun in some instances, but not in almost EVERY race.

Having standing starts back will mean that your takeoff will be an important part of the race, as it'll determine how many places you make up before the first corner, or whether you can keep the position you're in (qualifying would be handy for this).

It's a moment that builds anticipation and tension, as you're concentrating on not wheel spinning too much, and gives a great feeling of accomplishment if you're able to get a good start and overtake a few cars early on.

For a lot of players, including myself, we haven't enjoyed racing as much in GT Sport career mode, and now GT7, because of the rolling starts - especially for those of us who've been playing since GT1 and who have done many thousands of standing start races throughout the successive GT games.

I'm only in the very early stages of the game, but am already disappointed with it because there's rolling start races everywhere, even in old faves like the Sunday Cup! 

So please Kazunori, take this seriously and reinstate predominantly standing starts in a future update as soon as possible, before you start losing too many players because of the lack of enjoyment!

I understand that standing start races don't suit everyone, so perhaps it could be a selectable option in the race screen or before you start the race/event. i.e. as you click on a Sunday Cup etc race in the world circuit area, a pop up window could ask you whether you want a standing start or rolling start race (with an option to permanently change it to one or the other in the options menu). Then the game can load in whatever the user has selected.

Having an optionable standing or rolling start will please thousands of players, so again - please take this very seriously and have your awesome team start looking into it, to keep everyone happy enough to continue on their GT7 journey!

TO SIGNEES: Please share this to as many places as you can! I don't use social media, nor do i frequent any forums, so i'm not able to share this as widely as it deserves!

41 have signed. Let’s get to 50!