I want pets to have the same protection as people!!!

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Sophie, our beloved dog for 11 years was brutally murdered by four other known vicious animals in our area. She had so many puncture holes from teeth, both of her legs were snapped, and her eyes were open from fear. She was trying to run away and come home when these dogs killed her. Nobody will do anything about it!!!! 

The local animal shelter and the director of the animal shelter are heartbroken. They’ve done everything they can and it’s not a lot. In the state of Alabama dogs are property, and are seen as lesser! That’s not right!!!! To pet owners EVERYWHERE they are family!!! We need laws that protect our human family members and our fur babies!!!! 

Sophie’s law would make pet owners accountable for the deaths of a pet if the attack was deemed vicious by another animal. The owner would receive potential jail time and fines associated, just as they would with human harm or death. Our pets are not property, they’re family!!!!