Enough Justice Served For Ebra Hayes

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We are writing this in regards of Ebra Hayes, in 1996   She was 19 years old and was charged with “complicity to murder” with a sentence of life without parole. In her initial statement, Ebra says men/boys were in a car trying to run her off the road and throwing “fire bombs” at her car and threatening her and her boyfriend. She then returned back to her parents home with her boyfriend who said he wanted to go to talk to someone about a stereo they wanted to buy. Ebra then took her boyfriend to meet said person and that’s when she heard shots and was told to “go faster”. At the time she did not know her boyfriend had the gun or if he was the one who shot it. She did not stop the car in fear of what would happen to her. The state charging her with “complicity of murder” MUST show criminal intent. She was denied youthful offender when she did not have and prior charges. She was denied a fair trial as African American jurors were struck from the jury without stating a reason to do so, in violation of the Batson decision in the Batson vs Kentucky case. A witness (that was in the car) called in Ebra’s defense testified that he didn’t see nor hear the boyfriend say he had a gun or wanted to kill anyone. The boyfriend also in his case said “I did not try to kill anyone I just wanted to scare them.” The facts in this case does not match up with the charges given. She has been in Tutwiler Women’s Prison for 24 years and has been a model prisoner, not getting any reprimands. We are asking when is enough time served for a crime you did NOT commit or knew was going to happen. She has claimed her innocence the whole 24 years.