Allow Opossums as pets in Alabama with permits

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I would like to petition for Opossums to be allowed as pets in Alabama with permits. Opossums are very sweet as pets despite what many people think of them. Most people think they are mean and disgusting nuisance animals, but they are not. They are very beneficial to the environment, they kill thousands of ticks per season, and they also kill and eat small rodents, bugs, snakes, rotting fruit, and lots of other undesirable things that pollute our environment. They are not a carrier of rabies because they are virtually immune to the rabies virus. Opossums have a lower body temperature than most other animals, and as a result the rabies virus, when it does make its way into an opossum, fails to thrive and invariably dies off without successfully infecting the opossum's central nervous system. They are also immune to snakebites and scientists are working on an anti venom based on the Opossums immunity to snakebites. Opossums has a short lifespan and only live to around two years in the wild (but not many make it to that age because of predators and hunters and hit by car) and three to four years in captivity. Sadly many baby Opossums die every year when the mama Opossum dies as a result of being hit by car and the babies are still alive in the pouch and could be rescued and rehabbed and released back into the wild. Another sad fact is that there is no limit on how many a hunter can kill everyday year round with no limits.  Lots of people has rats and mice as pets and they are considered pests, Opossums should be allowed to be kept as pets as well. These animals when raised from a young age are some of the sweetest pets you would ever know. Once you've raised one and loved one, they change your life forever and leave you with a whole new perspective on Opossums.A lot of people have them as pets and Love them very very much. I would like for it to be considered to make it legal for them to be kept as pets in Alabama with permits. Please do your research on these sweet misunderstood animals. You can find videos on YouTube of people who had them as pets & read below about two United States presidents had Opossums as pets. Yep some Opossums in history was famous. Actress Kirstie Alley had an Opossum as a pet too.

Here is a Wikipedia page about a famous Opossum named Heidi

Here are some YouTube videos of pet Opossums

and here is a page on Facebook with a lot of Opossums related info

Blog article

If Opossums are allowed as pets, it will help to change people's perspective on these sweet animals and the ones that are kept as pets will be loved and protected from predators and hunters and hit by car.

 Fun facts
Virginia opossums, also known as “possums,” first arrived in Washington in the early 1900s as pets and novelties. Some of these animals, or their offspring, later escaped from captivity or were intentionally released.

Our 23rd president, Benjamin Harrison served our nation from 1889 to 1893.
It was widely known that President Harrison had a fondness for animals,
including the marsupial of choice…the opossum. While in office, President
Harrison was known for having two pet opossums in the White House. The
opossums’ names were Mr. Protection and Mr. Reciprocity. The opossums
were loved and cherished by not only the Harrison family, but America


The Opossum in the photo with president Benjamin Harrison is Mr. Reciprocity


Our 31st President Herbert Hoover also had a pet Opossum named Billy Opossum
& Once loaned it to Hyattsville baseball team for luck when the teams own Opossum mascot went missing.

Photos of Billy Opossum in the Library of Congress


Opossums taking over twitter feeds





Someone gave me an Opossum back in 2007 and my life was forever changed, her name was Molly, she lived to be almost 3 years old, when she died it was like I had lost a human baby, she was a very sweet pet, she slubbed me and my boyfriend all of the time ( a combination of licking and then rubbing thier head where they licked, Thier way of saying your mine and I Love You!!), it left a huge hole in our heart when she died.We were devastated!!! Once you have one as a pet, you will understand, there's no cure for Opossum love, once you Love one, you will love them all and do everything you can to help and protect them. To say they are special is putting it lightly, they are so much more, they are extraordinary in so many ways. ❤❤❤❤
These beautiful animals need all of the Love they can get, there are too many people who are set in thier ways against them and need to see how beautiful and sweet they are, I know some will never change, but some will, a lot of Opossum advocates will tell you that in the beginning they didn't like Opossums, but after being around one and seeing how sweet they are, they fell in Love with them and changed thier mind about them. It's really sad, but some humans are enemies of Opossums too � Let's help change that mindset. Let's show how beautiful and sweet and beneficial that Opossums are ❤ They need all the Love and Protection they can get.

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