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To include Konstantin Ernst, General Director of the Russian First Television Channel on Magnitsky list

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Mr. Konstantin Ernst, General Director of the Russian First Television Channel, DOB February 6th, 1961, POB Moscow, Russia must be included on  "The Sergei Magnitsky Act" 


Acccording Section 4, Paragraph a, Subparagraph 2 of "The Sergei Magnitsky Act", he is "responsible for torture and gross violations of internationally recognized human rights committed against individuals seeking - (A) to expose illegal activity carried out by officials of the Government of the Russian Federation;  or  (B) to obtain, exercise, defend, or promote internationally recognized human rights and freedoms, such as the freedoms of religion, expression, association, and assembly, and the rights to a fair trial and democratic elections";  


Konstantin Ernst is Strangler of freedom on Russian television. He produces most ant-Ukrainen and pro-Putin propaganda programs on Russian TV.



According to Joshua Yaffa of The New Yorker he is "Master of Putin's ceremonies": Laurels of new Leni Riefenstahl, director "Triumph of the Will" - a propaganda film about the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg in 1934, shot by order of Hitler, belong just to Konstantin Ernst for his ceremonies on Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.


And much merit and reasons for awarding with Ernst teems with :


1.    In October 1999, on the eve of parliamentary elections in the country, Ernst took over as CEO of ORT. Subsequently, the media noted that the campaign materials on ORT, with its vast coverage area provided electoral support of the Putin's party "Unity", but opposition were not admitted to performances on TV, and in March 2000 - Vladimir Putin became president of Russia;


2.    In July 1999 Vladimir Putin asked the famous journalist Sergei Dorenko : "Is Ernst our man? " And Dorenko said : "As long as you're the president , he's yours  on 120%".


3.    Becoming CEO of Russian Society's Television (ORT), Ernst left a general producer and powers, and even some media wrote that "Ernst personally owns the copyright on all product produced by "The First Channel".


4.    Konstantin Ernst was successor of previouse director of ORT Vladislav Listiev, who was killed to clear the way for Ernst to become the new director of ORT.


5.    September 9, 2000 by order of the General Director of Ernst not aired program Sergei Dorenko himself leading removed from the ether, and almost simultaneously with the leadership dip were removed Koshkareva and Narzikulov. It was revenge for objectionable Kremlin reports on the death of the submarine "Kursk". Ernst executed an order of Vladimir Putin;


6.    Boris Berezovsky's explained decision of Konstantin Ernst that "Ernst could not exist without the support of the government", "He even had a choice not against me but for Putin. He made a choice in favor of the government."


7.    Already in early 2001, Boris Berezovsky forced by Putin to sell his own shares to Roman Abramovich for a third of their value. Since then, Ernst is an authorized formal representative of Roman Abramovich 's Board of Directors channel.


8.    Also in 2001 Ernst firstly joined the Board of Directors of "ORT" and became one of the auditors of ORT (later repeatedly with Putin's support elected to the Board of Directors of TV).


9.    In October 2002, Ernst with supporting of Putin was elected president of the Industrial Committee of All Russia's media, which brings together the leaders of the media industry.


10. Next - all victories of Putin's Team in all elections were provided by Ernst's massive fullish of Russian voters. As ORT an the First Channal cover about 99% of Russian territory (as none of other channels) his opportunity to receive positive for Putin's party results on all elections is greate.


11. No any information discrediting members of Putin's team at Ernst aired never goes out on the First Channel.


12. Ernst regularly receives from the largest Russian companies, politicians and other VIPs widely known "Payments for not showing" - a huge bribes for not publishing compromising on corrupt officials, crooks and thieves.


13. Any kind of opposition to Putin's power never admitted to the program of the First Channel -  neither Navalny nor Limonov or other opponents of the current government does not appear on the First Channel.


14. Any information is censured the sake of power, and Ernst everywhere openly confirms this, openly calling himselve as "Putin's man".


15. The chief of security service at Ernst was a former KGB officer and now a State Duma deputy notable Andrei Lugovoi, suspected by the British authorities in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. In the same protection use to work another former KGB officer, accomplice of Lugovoi - Dmitry Kovtun.


16. In the UK covers versions of all their involvement and/or their colleagues in the death of former friends of Ernst, became then dangerous to him - Badri Patratsakashvili, Boris Berezovsky (mystique death in the bathroom ), Alexander Perepelichny,  antiquarian George Putnikov (mystique death in the bathroom ), and possibly other theirs victims. Each of dead not old persons was an enemy for Konstantin Ernst.


17. Ernst is fully protected from any kind of power his persecution for their abuse of power and many of its unique position in the country - a sort (as in India) "a sacred cow" . 


18. The First channel  have Treaty on Cooperation with the Goverment's Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation. Anyway, as with all other law enforcement agencies. This means total protection against any kind of control.


19. Ernst - dollar billionaire. Almost all of his huge money are illegal as received in cash or on accounts of his/his wife's offshore companies.


20. Significant part of the income of Ernst media is show business. One of those who represented Ernst in this area was, according to press reports, his wife Larisa Sinelshchikova, director of the "Red Square", engaged in the manufacture and sale of television projects and musical entertainment. As CEO of the First TV Channel Konstantin Ernst buys huge inflated prices for products from offshore companies of his wife. Gradually he bend under him almost all products of the First Channel, received her copyright. All arranged on the first channel advertising comes from offshore companies belonging to his wife. Now 51% of the "Red Square" has been sold to close friend of Vladimir Putin - Arkady Rotenberg for the best control of Russian TV. Additionally this deal means huge payment up to $1BN to Ernst as payment for his loyality.  Distribution of the budget allocated by the government to support the Russian cinema, fully controlled by Ernst, who also co-owns the largest "Russian Hollywood" - company "Glavkino". Also he controls through nominees owning cinema's theaters chain.


21. Until recently, Ernst was a famous Moscow restaurateur , one of the owners of restaurants " Kafka", "Pushkin", "Turandot", "Chinook", "Barrel" and many other well-known restaurants. These restaurants are good money laundrey's enterprises.


22. Ernst has two apartments worth more than $ 50 million each in the most prestigious house guarded by the Federal Security Service of the President at the 3 Swedish impasse, Moscow, where his neighbors are many members of the list of Russians in respect of which the U.S. and the EU imposed sanctions : Gennady Timchenko, Vagit Alekperov ("Lukoil"), Alexei Kudrin (former finance minister), Ilya Klebanov (ex-envoy), Sergey Lavrov (Foreign Minister) Sergei Prikhodko (Deputy Prime Minister), Leonid Reiman (ex-Minister of Communications), Chemezov (corporation "Rostekh"), Igor Sechin ("Rosneft"), Nikolai Tokarev (President of "Transneft"), other prominent members of the Russian establishment, which often informally referred to as "Putin's friends". It seems that Ernst, as well as the other inhabitants of the house special, do not pay for their apartments , and got their reward for their loyalty. Apartments are great benefits that Russian elites gain from the Kremlin.


23. Putin and Ernst lot in common. Both gentlemen in their current capacity reached the state forefront approximately at the same time. Both had benefactors Boris Berezovsky , which is easily crossed . Both made ​​a rapid career rise , which in their previous life nothing foretold : security officer began to lead the country , and a graduate biologist - TV. Both single-minded , ambitious and talented - primarily as managers of their own lives . Both princes and ruled for more than fifteen years , and in the near future , it seems, is not going to give up such a pleasant habit. Putin should be sincerely grateful in the first place for today's Ernst TV that not only brought him to power, but allows for so long to hold her without any reason. Ernst not offended of Putin's gold awards - twice the President personally came to congratulate him on his birthday. This performance was broadcast by all TV channels in Russia.

Moreover, Putin congratulating Ernst happy birthday formulated the basic principle of propaganda that colleagues brilliantly embody the . It turns out that if there are those who want to hear a lie , it certainly will be found , and those who utter this lie . It is said about the opposition, but not only them....


To include  Konstantin Ernst on "The Sergei Magnitsky Act" undoubtedly means the mostly special sign for President Vladimir Putin.


I am available to supply you with some additional information concerning the matter.

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