Katy Perry's Rabbit Shoes - Real Rabbit Fur?

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Rabbit Advocates Beware!
According to purchase photos shared on Facebook and Twitter, the pom pom on Katy's Jessica rabbit shoe is labeled Real Rabbit Fur from China!
Read Huffington's Post article regarding brutally killed rabbits on China fur farms.  GRAPHIC WARNING - Photos of rabbits with injuries of sore hocks, pregnant and still alive while being barbarically hung on hooks to be skinned for fur, after living their short lives in deplorable reprehensible squalor, disease and suffering.

According to WJBDRadio.com Katy Perry’s New Line Won’t Break the Bank - but how many rabbits may have or will suffer and die to make her line of Jessica rabbit shoes?
"Katy describes the line as being “vibrant, expressive and defining. One of the shoes is called the “Jessica” flat and it looks like a bunny rabbit, complete with a pom-pom tail".
The “Jessica” flat style from the Katy Perry Collection, launching Feb. 16.

After thousands of complaints from rabbit owners and animal advocates on Katy Perry Collections Facebook page, the Jessica shoe appears to have been removed from from her website.  However the shoe is for sale in the UK while the description reads Faux Fur pom pom.

Comments by Katy Perry Collections Facebook page stated the shoes were vegan, then later state the shoes were not vegan and it was a mistake.

According to RabbitGuide.com Katy had a pet rabbit named Abracadabra.  We the Petitioners respectfully request a statement of truth from Katy Perry about her Jessica rabbit shoes.

Education and support for helpless animals is always appreciated and honored.  Please be respectful when posting comments, there is no honor in name calling or cursing. Thank you.

For The Rabbits,
Linda Sue