Justice for my daughter Georgia Elizabeth Newnham aged 11 year's old.

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I am Joanne Lewendon. My daughter, Georgia Elizabeth Newnham, tragically died on the 15-5-2017, whilst residing with special guardians sgo for Brighton and Hove local authoritie 

The senoir coroner Alan craze has , after eighteen months and a police safeguarding investigation now had returned an Open verdict. This is very very rare and by definition suggest that although they have a Cause of death, they can’t say for sure why it happened. Georgia was found with an 250ml almost full can of sure deodorant for women with a child lock on her, the special guardian had bought for Georgia, the foster carer under oath said my daughter suffered terrible body odour since the age of 8. We know this to be untrue as Georgia's doctor went under oath and said the special guardian had not taken her to a doctor to address this and Georgias teacher went under oath and said Georgia was presented beautifully every day. My daughter had also made complaints about her carers since 2014  . At the time of Georgia's death I was not informed for 12 hours and I've received death threats of the foster carers son who was never police checked and has a criminal record the foster carers still refuse to give me or any the family her belongings, 

the list is endless and we all need people's help for Georgia & our family

The police did investigate but could find nothing conclusive to say why Georgia died. We don’t think this is good enough. I am trying to get them to reinvestigate and open a criminal investigation. One spray of deodorant didn't kill my daughter.

I would finish by saying that at the time the children entered the care system, I asked for help as I was suffering badly from mental health issues, now stable
 I have been discriminatied against by Brighton and Hove my 11 year old daughter has been let down iam now her voice. Georgia'so legacy will also hopefully help other family's who are witch hunted daily where forced adoption stI'll continues and special guardianship orders that are abused daily by sgo holders & by Brighton and Hove social services, iam also asking the children's minister for all sgo's made by Brighton and Hove in the last 10 years to be reviewed and looked at again as I also firmly believe that if Georgia wasnt under an sgo she would be alive today because of the way they "run" and the fact there is no legal aid help at all for parents to challenge the placement the children's concerns etc please let's try and avoid these child deaths under social services care and their carers and the parent alienation that goes on daily for these poor children and their families.

made by Brighton and Hove since 2 children that are ripped away from family's who just need that extra support in recovery or getting recovery whether it be mental health or addiction ❤ PLEASE DO INBOX ME IF YOU NEED OR WOULD LIKE FURTHUR INFORMATION