Animal Shelter for Lamar County

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Lamar County is in need of a animal shelter and the issue is not being addressed by the county or city officials.

Lamar County Humane Society is a shelterless non profit organization that has been in existence since the early 80’s. It has helped provide financial assistance for the spaying and neutering of pets and adopted strays through fund raisers, donations, and with a small financial donation from the city of Vernon only. 

The non profit has managed to utilize a new resource of transporting animals in need up north through rescues who commit to rescued animals within our organization. Since Janurary 2018 alone, the organization has provided the care and transportation of over 130 puppies from the city of Vernon...with a few exceptions of other city rescues as well. There is 3 foster homes these puppies have been managed through and the numbers are growing with people needing assistance of having problems with unwanted strays. 

There has been recent stray attacks within the city of Vernon along with many other concerns of owner owned dogs threatening citizens at their own homes or businesses. 

The county commissioners are aware of the issues and have been confronted by myself along with our local vet trying to address the topic of a shelter/impoundment that should by law [3-7A-7 Alabama State Code] be provided for the people and the stray animals of Lamar County. 

The county’s response is there is no extra funds for this type of project and that the citizens of Lamar County need to contact our state legislators to fight for extra funding for the county for this matter. 

We the citizens of Lamar County need to be heard!! It’s up to each of us to speak for the voiceless, to make a change, and to do what is right. Start by being a voice.