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Tell Louisiana Medicaid that the Death Sentence they have Given Kylie Bush is Unacceptable

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Kylie Bush is 9 years old, born and raised in Alexandria, Louisiana, and the State of Louisiana's Medicaid Program is handing her a death sentence.

Kylie lost her small intestine when she was four days old, leaving her with a medical condition known as short gut syndrome. She needs a three organ transplant to survive - a liver, pancreas, and small intestine. She has been on the transplant list for years, until just recently, when someone at the Medicaid office decided to take Kylie off of Legacy Medicaid (which she has been on since she was a month old) and put her on one of the Bayou Health plans, without warning her mother or getting her mother's consent.

This voided her transplant contract and got her taken off of the transplant list. Kylie needs to be on Legacy Medicaid because the Bayou Healthcare Plans will only cover some of the cost of the life saving transplant she needs, and none of them give her the coverage of the Legacy Medicaid. In a phone call with a Medicaid Representative, Joan, Kylie's mom, was told that if Kylie couldn't have her transplant in the state of Louisiana then "I guess she is going to die". This death sentence came right from the mouth of one of the people who should be working to help save her.

On top of all of this, today, Joan was told today that the coverage for Kylie's TPN was in danger because of the Bayou Healthcare plan she has been put on. Most of these plans only allow for two days of TPN. This is a major issue, because TPN is the nutritional IV fluid keeps Kylie nourished and alive. Kylie is hooked to an IV 12 hours a day, every day, at home while she is sleeping. Joan hooks her up at home every night, and unhooks her at school the next day. This home TPN can cost upwards of $250 a day. Kylie and Joan have been told to fight for her life and her insurance coverage since Kylie was born, so what has changed? The state has finally located her contract and are trying to push it through Bayou Health, but it hasn't been approved yet and she is in danger of losing so much of the basic, necessary coverage that she needs to survive.

Kylie needs your help. Joan needs to be able to focus on taking care of Kylie, instead of spending all of her time on the phone fighting with the State's insurance. We need to get in touch with Governor Jindal, Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne, Kathy Kleibert who is in charge of the Department of Health and Hospitals, and as many other government officials as we can. Write letters, write emails, call them. Help us make Kylie's story go viral. This sweet girl deserves to live, and we need to tell Louisiana that the death sentence they have handed her is unacceptable. Sign this petition now!

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