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There is currently an effort underway to pressure the Board of Directors of the Community Players of Concord to shift the Children's Theatre Project (CTP) and limit them to the summer months ONLY. This would eliminate programs throughout the year (which currently include children of all ages under 18) and move them to July and August.

Using arguments to support this change are:

1) "lack of space"

2) "lack of resources"

3) "challenges of staging of multiple, large Productions at the same time [being] difficult to manage"

These concerns seem weak at best. Let's address them one at a time:

Concern #1:  Lack of space - The Community Players of Concord Studio was specifically  designed to accommodate TWO shows being built at the same time. In fact, in most instances with the CTP being the first show - subsequent shows are often able to repurpose and utilize some of the CTP's materials. More often than not, many materials are reinvented from show to show, resulting in a natural decline of needing additional items.

Concern #2: Lack of resources - The CTP has historically had an amazing support network of actors, parents, families and friends that help throughout all stages of production. From costumes, materials, set building, design and more - the shows couldn't happen without this tremendous effort, strength and volume of volunteers! Starting from day one, to tech week, followed by Strike immediately after the final performance.., the CTP has always been mindful of creating the smallest footprint possible during this time.

Concern #3: Challenges of staging multiple, large productions at the same time being difficult to manage - It's an incredible 'problem' that the Community Players of Concord are experiencing "growing pains". Better to have a local theatre THRIVING in our community rather than one that is limping along for survival. Knowing that the (Concord) theatre district is teeming with life and excitement showcases that the Arts are indeed alive and well. Certainly the local businesses are not complaining about the effects of hundreds of additional patrons having a direct, positive impact on the local economy.

Additionally, the CTP single-handedly has a huge, positive influence on our children and the community. Their shows produce passionate, quality productions loved by all who attend. They bring out the best in people by getting them involved in the creation of something spectacular. Kids learn life skills by seeing just what can happen when they put in hard work, not to mention the art of patience, understanding and working with others! The revenue collected over a short period of time during the performances is a bonus - these funds can further the efforts of bringing more of the Arts to the people.

It is extremely important that the efforts of the CTP continue as they have for so many years! These concerns are NOT show stoppers and therefore should not warrant a forced change that would ultimately have a detrimental effect on hundreds of people, not to mention - our children. How else are kids to learn and get involved with theatre? How are they to experience what theatre is all about if not for the ongoing efforts of CTP and its programs? There are so many reasons why these efforts should not stop, some even logistical: such as, families go on vacation during the summer months, conflicts with other camps (RB Productions), additional challenges in acquiring volunteers. The list could truly go on.

Please consider signing this petition in an effort to show the Board of Directors just how important it is to keep the current CTP productions and their programs in place - as they stand today!

As the old adage goes: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" certainly applies in this case.

As members, fellow actors, volunteers and friends of CTP...

                            we say:  THE SHOW MUST GO ON !!!

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