Ontario Provincial Election - Take a Stand for Ontario Climate and Resource Protection

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Without climate action, humanity, wildlife, and the planet we know and love will suffer. Many species including over 200 species of plants and animals are at risk of disappearing in Ontario. Without bold and progressive action from the Ontario Provincial Government, and support from the Federal Government, species will continue to be under threat when they're not able to adapt to warming temperatures, rising seas, changing rainfall patterns, an acidifying and warming ocean and other consequences of increased carbon pollution. Biological diversity is among the great treasures of our planet. It has ecological, social, economic, cultural and intrinsic value. Biological diversity makes many essential contributions to human life, including foods, clothing and medicines, and is an important part of sustainable social and economic development.

In Ontario, our native species are a vital component of our precious natural heritage. The people of Ontario wish to do their part in protecting species that are at risk, with appropriate regard to social, economic and cultural considerations. The present generation of Ontarians should protect species at risk for future generations.

We CANNOT stand back and let this happen.  We need to start today and change the way we choose and use energy and resources. Ontario must take decisive action to fight climate change and cut carbon pollution to reduce the impacts of climate change and inspire other countries to do the same. Not to stand back, point fingers, and bash campaigns. We need Unity in Ontario. We need Waste Reduction, Expansion of the Greenbelt and Natural Heritage Sites, Investment into Active Transportation and Clean Energy Operations, and Further Protection for Our Fresh Water Reserves and Great Lakes.

Our goal at Mission Green is to educate, serve, and our natural environment in Canada by spreading awareness about the environmental challenges we're currently facing. By gathering like minds together in a community of environmentally conscious individuals, we have created a platform to make radical change through advocating sustainable lifestyles and peacefully requesting that our policy makers commit to the regrowth and preservation of our natural world - as it is dwindling and needs our help.

Let's put the pressure on our Provincial Candidates to make a BOLD stance on how they plan to address climate change, and there plans for sustainable development and visions for a green economy. 

Protect what you love.

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