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Ban the inhumane practice of declawing of cats in Ontario

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Declawing of cats is an inhumane, unnecessary, and avoidable procedure that is commonly practiced here in Canada. Declawing is essentially the amputation of the last part of the toes and is comparable, in a human being, to cutting off each finger at the first knuckle.  The amputation of these cats and kittens is often done for the convenience of the pet owner and has no medical benefit to the cat.  In fact, the painful procedure can contribute to a very vicious cycle.  Many of these declawed cats and kittens end up being surrendered to our animal shelters because they begin to exhibit secondary behaviours after the procedure. Initially, cat owners declaw because they are concerned about their furniture being ruined or perhaps they fear being scratched by their cat. However, once declawed, cats are deprived of their first line of defence and as such, they will often resort to biting.  Additionally, many cats will eliminate outside their litter box because they experience pain when they attempt to use their litter box due to this painful procedure. The secondary behaviours of biting and inappropriate elimination lead to many cats being euthanized or surrendered to our shelters.

The physiology of animals, like humans, is delicate and declawing destroys this balance.  Many animals experience side effects such as 'pain in their paws, infection, tissue necrosis, lameness, and back pain.' (  Declawing robs a cat of their natural instincts to knead, scratch, mark their territory and stretch their muscles. 

Veterinarians take an oath, similar to medical doctors, that states, in part, that they will 'strive to promote animal health and welfare, relieve animal suffering, protect the health of the public and the environment...'  I wholeheartedly believe that the practice of declawing is in conflict with this oath, and unfortunately the care of animals has become a lucrative business and as such, this practice not only continues to be performed, but also recommended by veterinarians.  

If we do not enact a law that bans declawing, we are not caring for some of the most vulnerable in our society, those who cannot advocate for themselves, animals.   Please sign this petition so that we can begin to speak up for what is just and humane. Let's join Australia, New Zealand, the cities in California, and the many countries in Europe that have enacted laws and banned declawing.

If you are still unsure if this is a cause that you would like to support, I would encourage you to watch the documentary 'Paw Project' to learn more about declawing.




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