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Protect Merrick, NY against LED Street Lights

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Protect Merrick, NY's Curb Appeal-LED Street Lights

Merrick's residential street lights have been ineffectively converted to LED. Residence have complained that the replacement of the Sodium Vapor lights has caused a reduction in safety and impacted the attractiveness of the neighborhood. Please join the efforts to have the Town of Hempstead correct this new lighting.

Please Get Involved.

Have street lights coming into your windows?
Have dark areas on your block?
Are the streetlights overly blue and look like daylight?

I will ask out town to review our request. Just join the effort here. Here are some of the impacting factors of the LED Street Lights.  

LED Light Pollution-Energy waste, caused by using inefficient lighting technologies:

  • Excessive, misdirected, and inefficient outdoor illumination. Parts of the street are no longer covered by the direction of the new lights. Lights may shine across property boundaries, such as into a neighbor’s windows.
  • Glare–light shining in your eyes and brightly off of park vehicles and white fences. This may cause distractions for drivers and cause danger to pedestrians. 
  • Improper lighting where some light fixtures seem to be using too much light, over-lighting certain areas.

DOT regulated the light fixtures. If they are not correct, it's our right to request action.

  • Design Manual states that the standard new LED will be a “semi-cutoff” fixture. The Town must comply to stop sending light into the sky and use only “fully shielded” fixtures that direct all light downward.
  • DOT is specifying that the new fixtures have a “Correlated Color Temperature” of 4300 degrees Kelvin--much too blue. These will produce 2 to 3 times as much skyglow as the existing streetlights. And compared to light with a warmer hue, blue-rich light also causes more glare, poses greater difficulties for older eyes, has more damaging ecological impacts and more readily disrupts human circadian rhythms. Blue-rich LED’s will also change the character and aesthetics of the town at night, making the warm and vibrant street look like the interior of a sterile corporate office. The Town should not install any streetlights with Correlated Color Temperature greater than 3000 Kelvin.

The cost savings to LED cannot be argued. We do need to change to new fixtures to reduce energy usage. But we have a right to use proper color temperature and purposeful directed light. Protect our streets and homes from loosing the safety and curb appeal. We are not a super store parking lot and we should not see the town treat our neighborhood with the same lighting technologies. and are great sources to read more but please do not leave this page to you get involved.




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