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Stop the Ontario Spring Bear Hunt

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Hunting black bears in Ontario, is not only is environmentally wrong and dangerous, but cruel. Spring is when many animals, including black bears, awake from hibernation. Often times with newborn cubs. When you kill a sow, her cubs are left alone, while still nursing. They will either be killed themselves, or starve to death. When a sow is approached, she will be aggressive, and will stop at nothing to protect her cubs. If you hunt these, you are entering her territory, and has has the right to attack you. Hunters will just be endangering themselves. 

Many municipal areas in Ontario are working towards preventing bear encounters with humans by putting up fencing. So by saying that a mass killing will help eliminate the problem of city encounters isn't accurate, when the problem is already being fixed in a more humane action. Also, in Ontario, barbed fences are being placed to collect fur samples to do further research on the bears. This benefits us because researchers can identify why exactly the animals are entering the city, and solve the problem. By killing them, there will be less bears for potential research and problem solving.

In two years, when the pilot project ends, clearly the Ontario Federation for Angers and Hunters is going to plea to keep it forever. This will be a problem because the black bear is one of the slowest reproducing mammals. Only reproducing about 2-3 cubs in their lifetime, only when the sow is about five years old. That is, only if she feeds enough in the summertime. In addition, the species will quickly become critically endangered, thus leading to a break in the natural food chain. There will be an increase of deer, salmon, some insects (such as; yellow jackets, bees, and ants), and moose.   

In many areas, such as parks, and lakefronts, bears have been accustomed to human contact. Therefore making them less afraid of humans. Though they have been known to attack, typically only slapping, causing scratches and welts. So it wouldn't be very hard for a hunter to approach a bear and shoot it. They are usually timid animals, unless threatened, teased with food, or their cubs become endangered.

So in conclusion, we can help end the spring bear hunt. It's wrong for the environment, and not fair to the bears. Hunting for their fur is just plain selfish. Plus, there are plenty of other foods to eat, you don't have to hunt and eat the bears. There are other ways or controlling the bear population, not via murder. 

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