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Remove The Last Jedi from the Star Wars canon – for real

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The love of the Star Wars franchise is a lifelong passion for many, myself included. With the release of The Last Jedi, that passion turned to anger for many as the direction of our beloved franchise was turned headlong into a brick wall by this travesty of a cinematic production.

The Star Wars universe has always been one of spirited and even heated debate among the fans, and TLJ is no different in its initial contribution to that concept. But for a significant portion of the fans, TLJ has gone so far to fracture and violate the trust that we put into Disney, Kathleen Kennedy, Rian Johnson and others to be good and conscientious stewards of this multi-generational franchise.

This movie is a mockery of the Star Wars franchise as a whole, and a poorly directed film with an even worse storyline that is packaged in above average special effects. For so many loyal fans, TLJ simply does not feel like Star Wars. And we have the capacity to forgive a lot. Things like the prequels and The Christmas Special, for example. Despite the many, many flaws, they still felt like Star Wars. But not TLJ. It is so vastly different and removed from the Star Wars universe, and there are so many inconsistencies even from the previous film, that it just is not Star Wars.

Myself, and all who sign this petition, respectfully demand that the above-named recipients of this petition permanently and completely separate The Last Jedi from the official Star Wars canon and re-shoot and re-release Episode Eight either partially or completely with a storyline that is consistent with the spirit of the Star Wars franchise. We also respectfully demand that Rian Johnson never be allowed to participate in the creation of any future content in the Star Wars franchise. Never. Ever.


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