Make George Lucas's Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

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According to George Lucas, the decision to discard the stories he provided for the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was made by Disney/Lucasfilm, because you wanted to “make something for the fans”.  We, the fans, see this decision as robbing us of our last opportunity to see authentic Star Wars.  We believe that Star Wars stories written by others, and substituted for the stories created by George Lucas, are not canon.

As live action film versions seem a virtual impossibility, we would like you to produce a trilogy of CG animated films based on George Lucas’s stories for Episodes VII, VIII, and IX.  We would like George Lucas to have the freedom to choose his level of involvement. (e.g. If he wishes to direct one, two, or all three of the films, he should have that opportunity.)  But, we believe, at minimum, the design work, script, director, cast, and final cut of each film should require George Lucas’s approval.

We don’t want substitute Star Wars.  We want the real story.  Let us see the final trilogy of the Saga as Star Wars’ creator intended it to be.

Thank you for your kind attention.

The People for George Lucas