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Yue, a 19 year old Arizona State University student was shot and killed, January 16, 2016, mid-day, while at a stop light in Phoenix. The shooter, Holly Davis, a 32 yr. old, ex-felon with a gun, habitual drug user, derelict, set out that day leaving a note she would “be in the news”. Davis then purposely, rammed Yue's car, and with premeditation, walked up to the driver’s window and shot Yue three times. In an attempt to flee to safety the seriously wounded Ms. Jiang collided with an on-coming car. In total, three adults and three children were hospitalized, but survived. Yue did not. 

Davis is now scheduled for sentencing by way of plea agreement  on June 15, 2018, before the honorable Judge Warren Granville, Superior Court of Arizona, County of Maricopa. Davis committed no less than 14 felonies, which individually carry up to 63 years imprisonment. The prosecutor, Stephanie Low, submits an UNJUST and UNCONSCIOUSABLE  plea agreement of just 25 years for Second Degree Murder. 

In contrast, Judge Granville previously imposed a 14 year sentence on a first time offender, remorseful drunk driver, who inadvertently killed another motorist. Previous cases of much less severity have resulted in multiple convictions for First Degee Murder, which is what the Jiang family requests and insists upon. 

The Jiang family, friends, Arizona State University fellow students, both the local, and the Chinese community abroad, are in disbelief and outraged. WE ask that you bring this INJUSTICE to the forefront in an effort to insure EQUAL justice for all, regardless of their race, color, creed, or religion. 

Please consider the family’s plea as they have little hope without your involvement. A simple SIGNATURE can work wonders. Please show your support!!!

Greatfuly yours, 

The Jiang Family