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Will you ever go to see a doctor, or go to hospital?
If the answer is "yes" then have you thought what would happen if things went wrong?  

According to the World Health Organisation, Australia has among the highest rates of avoidable medical error in the world.  If you have a car accident, work incident, or are a victim of crime, you'll get support and some compensation, not so if you're the victim of an adverse preventable medical error.  The devastating impacts on innocent victims include loss of health, or other capacity, mental health, employment, home, family, relationships...and even loss of life.

We are calling for A NEW SYSTEM:

1. A timely and ‘NO BLAME’  help and compensation claim system for victims with permanent injuries caused by avoidable medical negligence or preventable medical injury, that is not adversarial (legal battles) and holds the care and support of the innocent victim as its core objective and includes supporting medical practitioners.

2. An independent management body, entirely separate from the AMA, or AHPRA, that oversees and supports healthcare providers, practitioners and patients, including a mandatory centralised reporting and accountability system for all medical errors and/or negligence.  A culture that positively supports medical staff, giving them the 'space' to report errors honestly, and that holds organisations responsible for putting in new checks and training when errors are made. (Much like the great Danish system, for example.) This leads to a SAFER system for all!

2.A totally transparent and easily accessible information database that gives accurate numbers on the avoidable errors/mistake made, the type of event,  when and where it occurred. WIthout clear data how can safety systems be measurable, or effective?  Australian health consumers should be able to make informed decisions on their hospitals,  and all health care providers. 

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