Recant Testimony

Recant Testimony

July 19, 2011
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Katherine Houpt, VMD PhD
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Started by Jennifer Burke

On July 13th, 2011, Judge Jack Vitale of the Monroe County, Michigan ordered 3 pit bulls to be euthanized, siting they "lack usefull purpose and pose a threat to public safety" The Prosecution's expert, Dr. Katherine Houpt, gave testimony based on her temperment evaluations of the dogs. The Buster Foundation & Monroe SPCA do not feel Dr. Houpt's testimony was representative of the evaluations themselves.

View this 4 minute video (1 of 3 temperment tests) in which Dr. Houpt gives Dusty an evaluation 

Dog  206 in cage 33 brown female with white markings Dusty

Wiggled at approach, stare and squat. Bit hand when petted and when eating.

avoided witch

Snarled at doll

jumped but no aggression to male or female dogs

The results of the testing indicates that the following animals: the two males  Monroe 207  Reilly 212 that both demonstrated aggression to other dogs and one female  Dusty 206  who snarled at the doll should be humanely euthanized because of their lack of any useful purpose and the public safety threat they  pose." MCL 750.49(18) aggressive whereas Dog 210  Razzle  ---   may be safe

Katherine Albro Houpt VMD PhD

Professor emeritus
Cornell University


 Dr. Houpt failed Dusty for aggressive behavior.  Our expert evaluators are in complete disagreement with Dr. Houpt's evaluation.   This video was the exact video shown in court.  View and decide for yourself.  

Dusty, Monroe and Reilly remain at Monroe County Animal Control and Both The Buster Foundation & Monroe SPCA will file an appeal and, with your support, hope Dr. Houpt will recant her testimony.  

Help us help them!  



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This petition had 5,122 supporters

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