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Stop the I Hate Balls campaign and its vile depiction of male sexual abuse

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The depiction of violence such as sexual mutilation and human castration in Ms. Heigl's campaign as humor is nothing short of repulsive. Would a video depicting a man having hopeful thoughts about the legalization of rape of women be humorous? Would a reenactment of a woman being raped on video be amusing and accepted  if it were part of a charitable cause? Of course not. Both the acceptance of and the humor surrounding violence against men and boys must be stopped. Also, your message to boys (and men) that their bodies are disgusting is an abomination. And here are a couple pages from a book for sale on her website:

In the I Hate Balls campaign, male hatred has been taken to a new low by being attached to a charitable cause essentially equating something positive with male sexual mutilation. Would a man shown in a video hoping to legalize female genital mutilation (FGM) and showing the procedure in a re-enactment be acceptable just because he claims it's just a joke and it helps a charitable cause? One can say in jest that FGM might make mating less desirable for the female and thus help reduce the animal population. Funny? Not at all. FGM is nothing to laugh about and neither is male genital mutilation.  

Would a man gleefully stating how he hates breasts and would love to cut them off of a woman once it is legalized be funny to anyone? Would anyone want to donate to his cause? Would a woman who just had a mastectomy laugh at this depiction? Well, 8,000 men each year in the US alone are diagnosed with testicular cancer. Almost all require removal of the testicle. How do you think these men are enjoying this campaign's message? How do you think they feel while watching Katherine Heigl's orgasmic reenactment of cutting a man's balls off and seeing a man carrying a jar with his testicles inside? How callous and cruel your campaign is Ms. Heigl.

Violence against any human being should NEVER be portrayed as humorous. Women contend violence against them is a serious issue, and it is.  But why should they be taken seriously when many of them feel violence against men is something to laugh about?  Viewing Heigl's ecstasy in the re-enactment of cutting off a man's genitals, one recalls the same reaction on The Talk's episode on 7/14/11. On this episode 5 female hosts and the female audience laughed and celebrated the torture and sexual mutilation and dismemberment of a man at the hand of his wife. These women commented about how "fabulous" it was that this man was poisoned, tied up and his penis cut off and destroyed by his wife. They said it was funny because it happened to a man not a woman. This is acceptable as humor?  (  Ms. Heigl claims that men's genitals are ugly and bad and the world should rid men of them. Oh, but it's all in fun so it's ok? A man calling for legalizing rape of all ugly women (in jest of course) in the name of charity would be crucified for doing so.  No video expressing hope that it be legal to sexually mutilate or rape a woman would ever be considered humorous. However, Ms. Heigl has portrayed this hope of legalizing castration in her I Hate Balls campaign video. Since it's men that are the victims in her video, should that make it ok now? What a lesson to teach school aged girls: Men's balls are horrible things and we should slice them off, just like we do for animals to neuter them.
But it's just a joke you say? Well, let's ask a few men how funny this is: Let's ask David Gibbons (14) and Anthony Clark (22). Who? David had to have his testicle removed after it was destroyed with a punch (just like the punch that was shown in Ms. Heigl's video) and Mr. Clark lost a testicle after he was kicked by an unknown female pedestrian. These boys must think Ms. Heigl's video is a riot. How about we ask Martin Douglas. Who is he? His girlfriend bit off his testicles. Perhaps Ms. Heigl could demonstrate this in her next video. By the way, the girlfriend served no jail time. I guess we are getting closer to the legality Ms. Heigl desires. Lastly, let's ask Richard Jesky. Who? He was horrifically tortured by his wife. Part of the torture included taking pliers to his testicles. But sexual abuse and mutilation is funny, especially when it's part of a campaign to raise money for animals. Ms. Heigl must be pleased that his wife also shoved his testicles up into his abdominal cavity so those ugly things could be out of view. However, we can't ask him how funny Ms. Heigl's video is, because his wife let him bleed to death in the bathroom. But he probably would have laughed at Ms. Heigl's video depicting sexual mutilation. After all violence against men is something to laugh about.

Ms. Heigl says it's all in jest? Well, according to her non-profit group (Jason Debus Heigl Foundation), Ms. Heigl seems to enjoy the display of male hatred.  50% of her partner sites display or sell products that are anti-male. One might think that she started this non-profit organization mainly to depict men as evil, deserving of violence and mutilation and uses the animal charity as a disguise for her misandry. One can't say that for sure, but it gives that impression. Ms. Heigl's Funny or Die partner displays her castration enjoying video. David & Goliath sells dozens of boy/man hating products. Obviously Ms. Heigl approves of these products as it's not a joke. They are real products. Shirts, stickers, key chains, etc... stating how boys are stupid and should have rocks thrown at them. Yes, more hilarity at the depiction of violence against males. Also, the store sells items depicting boys/men as pigs, men as dung-throwing monkeys in cages, boys as smelly and having cooties. Also "I love boys" shirts (the love is a heart made from a skull and crossbones- presumption that you can only love boys if they are dead ones) are on sale. Of course there are no items depicting violence against females or showing women/girls in a negative way. Why is it ok to do so to males?

We ask Ms. Heigl to put a halt to her I Hate Balls campaign and video and the violent anti-male message it sends. We also ask Ms. Heigl to either remove her partner store site or better yet, see to it that they remove their male bashing items including the "I Hate Balls" shirts and onesies (yes, infant clothes). Grade school students, let alone the rest of the world, shouldn't have to see this video nor the items for sale on her partner store nor on adults or babies wearing them.

Please sign and share this with as many others as you can.  Thank you for your support.

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