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Welcome to Wellesley College. We think you'll fit right in.

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Dear Katelyn,

The Wellesley College community recently learned how you bravely stood up to your school principal to protest an abstinence-only assembly on campus. We’re sorry you were so harshly rebuked by school officials and other members of your community for exercising your right to free speech and advocating for women’s rights. We know this must be a challenging time, and we want you to know that your Wellesley Sisters stand with you.

We applaud you for being an independent thinker – especially when people in positions of power discourage you from asking critical questions. We applaud you for speaking out on behalf of fellow students and for being their advocate. We applaud you for recognizing the importance of a woman’s right to information that allows her to govern her body and make autonomous choices about her health. We applaud you for taking a stand. We applaud you for your courage.

That your principal would believe a call to Wellesley to inform them of this issue would be a threat to your admission status is laughable. In reality, your actions prove that the College couldn’t be a better fit. At Wellesley you will find students just like you: strong, independent, intelligent women who speak their minds and work to make the world a more just and equitable place. We’re all pretty sure you’ll feel right at home, and we’re so delighted that you’ll be joining our rich legacy of “women who will make a difference in the world.”

Cheers to you, Katelyn, for joining the ranks of bold women who raise their voices. More than one hundred years of Wellesley College women, past and present, welcome you with open arms and a great deal of pride.

For those alums and students who are unfamiliar with Katelyn's story, please read the article in the West Virginia Gazette and show your support! 

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