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Kasey Willard, is incarcerated at SCP Dublin, a Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)no-security camp, on a horrendous mandatory minimum sentence (14 years) for intent to distribute (solely on the word of a confidential informant) methamphetamine.   Kasey admittedly had a meth addiction which caused her teeth to rot. It's obviously too late for her to have thought of that before she used bathtub crank as the BOP now scolds her--the road has already been taken. The BOP "dentist" has created a "temporary filling" across all of her front teeth. He refuses to do any more for her than simply pull all of her teeth and then leave her toothless for the next 5-6 years because the BOP practice is to not fit female inmates with dentures until the final 3-6 months of their sentence.   

The only alternative the BOP offers is to pull all of her teeth and leave her toothless for the next ten years while her face caves in from lack of maxillofacial/dental support structures. She is a beautiful woman and is very sensitive to the stigma and self-image problems that 'solution' would cause. Countless other female inmates suffer needlessly the same toothlessness until their discharge from prison or leave with such ill-fitting dentures that cannot not be worn comfortably or safely.

The 'dentist' called Kasey a "meth mouth" and told her that she should have thought of the consequenses of drug use before she ruined her teeth. As a result of this and other verbal abuse she is afraid of the 'dentist' and refused any further "treatment" by him. She left his office in tears then filed the required series of go-nowhere formal grievances in which the BOP lied and obfuscated their collective responsibility.  

Kasey filed a formal tort claim which was then "investigated" by a BOP-employed Public Health Service (PHS) Commissioned Officer Sharon Tiernan-Lang PA (with an expired California PA license) and a for-profit on-line "PA credential" Tiernan-Lang did not look at Kasey's teeth but only weighed her and sent her on her way.

The 'dentist' does not appear to possess a license to practice in any state,  however, the BOP accepts 'credentialing' by approved sources including for-profit on-line or correspondence credentialing organizations. The National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) is the primary source verification that BOP PS6027.01 requires for annual credentials/license verification is a secret society of all medical professionals licenses that patients and general public are denied access. Therefore, it is not possible to file a formal complaint against his medical license, if he has one, for malpractice or negligent indifference to a patient's suffering. By being denied to his licensing information and credentials, Kasey is unable to file a formal complaint against his license and have him investigated for medical neglegent indifference and malpractice.

Kasey's parents have located a dentist who practices near SCP Dublin and they have arranged to pay 100% of the cost of full teeth extraction and dentures including all follow-up visits, allowable according to BOP policy for medical furloughs. The BOP refuses to allow this humane option which would save taxpayers thousands of dollars. In the meantime, Kasey suffers chronic pain from her deteriorated teeth, frequent gum infections, and significant weight fluctuations because she often is in too much pain to chew food.   Long-term chronic health implications of chronic untreated dental disease include heart disease, stroke, bone loss, kidney disease and chronic inflammation in other body organs.  

Kasey is not asking for any luxury treatment of dental implants or cosmetic dental work, she is asking for what is considered by the ADA reasonable dental care by a licensed professional in accordance with her special needs under BOP policy PS6400.02. She is not even asking the taxpayers to foot the bill for her dental care, her family is willing to take that responsibility.

When the federal government is straining under the onus of sequestration, it is unconscionable that the BOP would not be fiscally responsible and accept this reasonable solution.   Kasey has been working off-site at the nearby Camp Parks Army Base, at the Golden Gate National Park in San Francisco and at other prison jobs. Her classification therefore is "community custody" and is eligible by BOP policy to furlough unescorted to medical, other treatment programs, education programs, work, etc. The BOP refuses to follow its own policies in denying this treatment.  

On November 6, 2013, Director Samuels appeared again before the Senate Judiciary Committee to request additional funding for the over-crowded BOP. Yet, Director Samuels has refused to be fiscally responsible and allow Kasey's parents' offer to pay for Kasey's necessary and appropriate dental care; and, refuses to investigate cruel and neglegent medical treatment by his staff dentist David Chi.  

The BOP mission statement: "We protect public safety by ensuring that federal offenders serve their sentences of imprisonment in facilities that are safe, humane, cost-efficient, and appropriately secure, and provide reentry programming to ensure their successful return to the community."

Please do the humane thing and the fiscally responsible thing and allow Kasey to immediately furlough for necessry and humane medical care.

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