Disability Discrimination

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My name is Candace Finkelstein.  I have cerebral palsy confided to a wheelchair. I support my family by being a psychic online, which can be described as life coaching.  I have been doing this online for fourteen years.  I love helping people.  It is my way of giving back since people help me everyday to meet my basic needs.

Kasamba is a psychic web site and the office is based in New York.  I worked on Kasamba for 11 years straight faithfully until they restricted me in 2016. Back in 2016, they restricted my account because they claimed I didn't bring money in with clients over a two month period. Yes, it had new management and yes, I have it in my Kasamba profiles that I have cerebral palsy and in a wheelchair.  In 2017 -2018, I was told by Kasamba  customer support when Kasamba hires new psychics, I'd be notified but I was never notified. Since then, Kasamba has hired new psychics and they have let psychics who have less ratings than I do be visible to all clients . One particular psychic has only 266 ratings. His last client rating was in October 2017 and he started on Kasamba back in 2005 when I did. I have 3,994 client ratings and my client rating was July 2019.

   Oddly, since January 2019, old clients have been popping up, which is the only thing I am allowed to do, I am not visible to the public for new clients to see.  All Kasamba has done for the last three years is give me the runaround.  I do believe that that they are discriminating against me for being disabled, and like I said there's one particular person that only has 266 ratings but yet he's visible to the public to get new clients and he started back in 2005 when I did.  What I want from this is to be visible to all clients. Now, today, July 11, 2019, they have deleted my account altogether after I pointed out that they were discriminating.  Please, help me fight this discrimination by signing this petition.   Hope you can help.