Support Free Ration and Relief for Daily Income Workers During the City Lockdown

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As a corporate city, Bangaloreans rely on cheap food stalls and carts around for a quick lunch or meal during their busy work hours. And these small business owners rely on you for their daily wages as well.

For these citizens, missing a day's payment could put them much closer to being under the poverty line. And a lockdown of their business or work for more than a week could permanently hinder their survival during these pressing times.

While the government is taking active measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, the Janta Curfew, which has requested all citizens to quarantine themselves for 14 hours while street food vendors have been asked to stay closed until further notice.

There is no promise from the State Government or the Municipality to provide relief or free ration for these people, nor is there any proper sensatization or awareness being done to educate them on health regulations and measures - both personal and for their business as well.

Without having any schemes or provisions, or even being aware of those that they could avail, these people are also victims to the virus far beyond just health issues.

We petition to the Karnataka State Government to provide Emergency Schemes for Free Ration or Relief to these at-risk Street Food Vendors.

While Social Distancing is the easiest way to combat COVID-19, not everyone has the privilege of being able to sit in the comforts of their own home. For most, going out is the only way they can survive and support themselves and their family. By signing this petition, you would be helping someone in great need through the simplest way.

Let's help those that are the very reason for our street food cravings in quarantine right now.

Let's help the ones that really need your support right now.