Boycott Amazon from Karnataka

Boycott Amazon from Karnataka

5 June 2021
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Karnataka people
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Why this petition matters

Started by thincnext

We thincnext really don't know what's wrong with the internet companies nowadays. Yes, just a couple of days before we all Kannadigas know what was the result of the Ugliest language in India in google. After singing our petition of almost 20000+ Kannadigas finally google removed the search result and even the website link.

Now it's again high time to take an action seriously.

YES, this time it's an AMAZON shopping website. When you search 

"BKDMHHH women's flag Karnataka original design slim fit tie-side lace triangle chic trimmer for girls"

The result shows a women bikini with a Karnataka flag colour with an emblem in the images section. Now it's very high time to take down this result from search engine about this result and also Boycott Amazon company in Karnataka or apologize. 

FYI: Attaching the screenshots of the result too.

We really want to take this issue on a serious note which happens only to you people by signing this petition. 

Thank you,



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Signatures: 158Next Goal: 200
Support now

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