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Sign this petition if you believe that even college must be given a couple of weeks off in order to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. It is believed that since college students are grown up their immunity systems are strong enough to resist the virus, however this is not the case for everyone as different people have different immune systems. The virus can spread from the students who have a weaker immune system to their families and friends. 

Most of the college students and staff travel by public transport on a daily basis and are hence exposed to the virus extensively. If a student is infected by the virus, he/she can also infect the passengers on the public transports, and the spread of the virus will only increase. 

Colleges being open is not only dangerous for the students, but is actually more dangerous for the teachers. Teachers of all ages can be seen in colleges and it has been observed that older people are more prone to the virus. A few weeks off will prove beneficial for the teachers as well.

In this time of panic, it is better to reduce the amount of people travelling and gathering is places like classrooms and offices.