Ban slaughter house coming up at Chilanahalli (150km off Bangalore), Sira taluk

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A high tech slaughter house is coming up at Chilanahalli (150km off Bangalore), Sira taluk with grants of 26.5 crores very soon and approvals are being given hurriedly.

Request everyone to spread this message and mobilise local people to protest the same on war footing. This can stop if the local community protests and resist with full strength. And government of karnataka takes cognizance of the issue and does not approve the application. 

The most sophisticated and high tech slaughter house cannot stop the emotional and physical pain the animals endure.

This needs to be stopped.

Let us pump it up in our social media channels

Learnt another one is coming up near kagglipura lake, kanakpura road, too.

Each slaughter house is sufficient to defeat purpose of a million+ trees put together. ..

Killing an animal generates so much negativity in the environment that it can take a zillion positive acts to resolve.

Pollution multiplies immensely in area having a slaughter house.

Before our universe reaches a point of no return to collapse we must wake up and arrest the dangerous trend of killing innocent beings that form such an integral part of it.

Don't trust our word go check what quantum physicist say on this.

Isn't it funny to kill just for sake of turning our stomach into animal graveyard..?

I truly wonder...!

May the universal intelligence forgive those who know not what they do.