Fendi: Stop Supporting the Slaughter of Animals with Fur Fashion

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It is not uncommon for consumers to purchase clothing from the fashion industry without considering the means of production behind a particular brand. Because there are secret cruelties hidden from the public eye, it would be unfair to blame customers for the injustices inflicted on innocent animals. However, it is important that the world is educated on the reality of the popular luxury fashion line: Fendi.

Karl Lagerfeld, creative director for Fendi, has permanently tied the lavish fur look to his company. Unfortunately, with the extravagant garbs that Fendi creates, comes the gruesome murder of minks, foxes, lambs, goats, etc. I have decided to raise awareness for their slaughter because it is a moral obligation of mine to fight for those unable to protect themselves. In creating this petition, I hope that Lagerfeld is able to recognize the opposition that Fendi faces, and that they will consequently stop using animal fur in their products.

When their fate is left to the greedy hands of the industry, these animals are raised on fur farms, only to be gassed, anally electrocuted, or skinned alive without anesthetic. Before meeting such horrific deaths, they are typically ensnared in mechanisms that crush the bones in their legs, rendering them helpless. Their only escape is to chew off their own limbs; that is, if hunger, thirst, or blood loss does not kill them first.

It is also horrifying to note that animals born on these farms are wrongfully bred to weigh over five times their natural weight so that they produce enormous amounts of fur. With their large body mass, these creatures struggle to stand, even breathe. Animals without voices of their own, who fall victim to this torture, deserve a proxy who will represent them in resistance.

There is explicit footage in the video above, and I urge you to watch in order to understand the cruel reality of Fendi. I hope that everyone who feels the slightest pang of sympathy for these lives will be compelled to sign this petition.