Demand that H&M Stops Exploiting Their Workers

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H&M workers in countries such as Bangladesh and Cambodia are being exploited by the factories they are employed by. Workers are underpaid and are employed in illegal short-term contracts.

There are dangerous conditions in their factories - in Bangladesh, tens of thousands of workers sew garments in buildings without proper fire exits. In Cambodia, workers at H&M factories are required to work 10 to 14 hours a day in sweltering heat, without access to clean drinking water or breaks — conditions that have contributed to "mass fainting episodes." Worker's who are women face rape, slapping, gendered bullying, and misuse of power to pursue sexual relationships from their employers.

I was personally inspired to look into this issue by Jim Keady, an activist determined to take down the brand Nike due to their inhumane labor practices and expose this to the public. To solve cruel labor practices, not just H&M but all companies that manufacture in sweatshops, everyone must join together to make a change in the world. Sign this petition to be that change.