FACEBOOK, please BLOCK videos of animal cruelty!!!!

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As an animal lover and animal rescuer for over 16 years, it is extremely hard to constantly see videos of animal abuse and extreme animal cruelty being shared on Facebook feeds with the faces and laughs of the disturbed perpetrators. 

We are animal lovers, advocates and rescuers... NOT THE POLICE and usually with no power to exert change or due punishment. These images are highly unsettling and stay on our minds, disrupting our day and our belief that there is hope for humanity. 

The people who commit these atrocious acts of cruelty find it easy and entertaining to have a worldwide platform with over 2 billion users that will ALLOW this to happen and do nothing. When that ability to share and feed their sick minds is cut off, it might help discourage these repulsive acts. 

Please, join me in asking FACEBOOK to block these videos from their feeds and hopefully even work on developing an algorithm that will, at the same time, send this content to the authorities in the country they are being streamed or filmed from so that proper action may be taken by the people in charge of this type of criminal acts. 

Mark Zuckerberg in 2011 - "The question isn't, 'What do we want to know about people?', It's, 'What do people want to tell about themselves?'" 

Please Mark, with that being said, you have the ability to MAKE THIS A BETTER WORLD for all living beings! Use all the data collection to do some GOOD too.

Just because you can!!! 

And because "connecting people around the world" shouldn't be about disseminating horror and/or cruelty. 

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