Caution signs for autism and special needs safety.

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I am fighting to have the state of alabama provide warning signs informing drivers that there are special needs children living in the area. Autism is on the rise, 1 in 45 children are diagnosed with autism. Some more severe than others but all deserving extra safety precautions. My son who is 7, was diagnosed with global delay disorder and has the mental level of an 18m-2 year old. He is completly non-verbal and cannot understand most commands. I have contacted local commissioners to inquire about said signs and was told that they only provide the signs for deaf and or blind because they cannot see or hear a vehicle coming. Although my son does not have that impairment and is able to see/hear it, he does not have the cognitive ability to register it as a danger or to even look for a car. In a recent study, 48%of autism parents have reported their child wandering or eloping at some point, which is 4 times higher than that number when involving a child not on the spectrum. I am asking for a special needs sign for all types of disabilities.. not only autism. Every child deserves any and every small effort put towards their safety. Please help me support this. 


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