Release the deleted Jonnor scenes!

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Jonnor was one of the most influential couples The Fosters ever had, and it was probably the most influential for the entirety of Freeform. They were a fan favorite, and they were historical. As the youngest same sex kiss in US television history, their power extended far beyond the borders of the network, entering the hearts of all who watched. Despite this, the ending that they received was disappointing, and it did not do them justice. But we the fans believe that there is still something that could be done to honor their legacy. We ask you, Mrs. Burke (and others), to allow the release of all of the deleted Jonnor scenes. This ship was something that so many people benefited from immensely, and it was a haven for anyone who felt alone or bullied due to their sexuality. Having these unseen moments released would do right by the storyline and it would give the people who followed the relationship so closely some closure.

Many fans of The Fosters, even today, still speak out about how Jonnor has impacted their lives. They talk about how Jude and Connor inspired them to be themselves even in the face of adversity, and they talk about how this pairing helped others accept them in turn. These very real stories are a true testament of how far Jonnor’s reach was. They also display what Jonnor stood for (which is also an important lesson that this show teaches)--tolerance and acceptance. To release these scenes would allow Jonnor to continue to inspire viewers as it did while it was on the show. The showing of many more scenes would, as well, implement the fact that Jonnor was in fact a real relationship, hence normalizing it more.

Please, release the deleted Jonnor scenes. Jonnor is still so important to so many and we can’t let their significance ever die.

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