Get The Spirit of Harriet Tubman to New York

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Dear people of,


 I am writing this petition to ask that you sign this to get my grandmother a chance to share her show. The Spirit of Harriet Tubman. A chance to go and perform at Harriet’s home in New York State. She puts on this show year round for all sorts of groups. Children and adults, you name it, and all in the name of sharing Black history with people. The performance exposes youth to what they may learn from our ancestors mistakes and grow from them. The young adults running our country may learn from our ancestors mistakes and create laws to right the wrongs put upon those affected by the blatant disregard for simple human rights. Finally for the seniors, recalling from their past mistakes and understand it was just how they were brought up, was not necessarly right, but not only demeaning towards our people but demeaning towards others as well. Before you think this is just some tiny thread in the fabric my grandmother's life, it isn’t. She’s been featured in numerous local publications, been on our own local news and even gotten awards and accolades and many, grants to do her performance. When she brings Harriet to life, many have said it a powerful performance that has brought them to tears. We have had our show performed at many a prestigious venues such as Salem College, Bennet College and Shaw university, Longwood university and numerous venues in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina. In February 2018, Mrs. Faison will be performing in Farmville, Virginia once again for the Moton Museum, which she herself was a person among many others help get started. This museum is located in Prince Edward County Virginia This county is in our history books for closing the schools for seven years rather than integrate, and became part of the "Brown vs. The Board Education. My grandmother, Diane Faison, taught school for many years there and this is where her performance of Harriet Tubman was born. Many times she tells the story of her students remembering the show so well that when she sees them now as grown people,  in town when visiting Farmville, often they will call her Harriet and not Mrs. Faison. We are quite aware that there are others that do a show similar in nature to her own, that even bare the same name. We are also aware there are others in New York  that "do Harriet Tubman",  so we know that they maybe your first choice for this project. We are aware of the costs and charges that may be involved in compensating and "bringing" Mrs. Faison to New yourk. It is hoped that some where in someone's budget this can become a reality. I just want to help my Grandma do something that is on her bucket list. She’s gone, done and seen many things in her lifetime even going to the march on Washington and getting to hear Martin Luther King Jr’s famous "I have a dream" speech. We aren’t asking for much, just a simple signature so that we can show the Harriet Tubman Historical society that her show is important to the masses and worth sharing. Diane has spent many years on this and has a passion for her hero, HARRIET TUBMAN, and continuing bringing the untold, raw truth of Harriet Tubman to the masses. Today, now more than ever in this time of turmoil turbulence,  Harriet’s story must be told, so that all can hear. Please find it in your hearts to sign this little petition of ours and get Mrs. Diane Speas Faison McKenzie to the historical Harriet Tubman home in New York so she can walk in the footsteps of Harriet herself and bring her message to the world in a most powerful meaningful way. In this time of pain, crisis and natural disaster we all can use hearing a message of determination, and courage to right wrongs. My grandmother, as Harriet, telling her story shows those things. Help her achieve her number one goal on her bucket list and you can feel good knowing that you helped bring a bit of history to yet that things can change. Allow her to show the world that Harriet Tubman will rise again If not on the 20 dollar Bill, at least Mrs.Faison's performance. Allow the world to experience Harriet Tubman like they’ve never seen it before. We thank you for your time effort and trouble in reading this and signing it.