Karen Kantzler, nearing 70 yrs old is Decades Overdue for Release from Michigan Prison.

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Commute Karen: 69 yrs old; 29 yrs in prison; passed every test for parole eligibility with flying colors; & the 2 trial judges who sentenced her decades ago want her released. Now.

In 1988, Karen was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death herself of her abusive husband in their home in 1987. After 3 decades behind bars, Karen is overdue for release. Here' why:

  • Karen is a model prisoner. The Michigan Parole Board described Karen as a model inmate at her 2015 parole hearing.  
  • Karen has not one mark on her record in 30 years of incarceration. This is unheard of in the MDOC. 
  • Karen has participated in taken nearly every rehabilitation opportunity & practically all of MDOCs programs while in prison
  • Karen has shown remorse for her crime and accepted complete responsibility for her criminal behavior;
  • Karen has met every standard of excellence for a prisoner;
  • Karen has passed every test for parole eligibility with flying colors;
  • Karen scored a 17 on her Parole Guidelines Evaluation. Any score above a 3 is considered high eligible for parole;                                                                 
  • Karen is 69 years old, blind in one eye and poses no threat to society                                                               
  • Karen has a Michigan Parole Board Approved Home waiting for her upon her release.
  • Carson City United Methodist Church supports Karen's release and is eager for her to join their congregation.
  • Norman Lippitt, the very judge who tried Karen's case in 1988 has been advocating for her release for over 25 years. He even went to her last parole hearing - 29 years after he tried her case - pleading for her release. To no avail. 
  • Judge Lippitt’s successor, Barry Howard, reversed Karen's conviction and sentence in 1993, stating that her marriage WAS her sentence; she is not a threat to society and the original sentence was far greater than Lippitt had intended. He continues to support her commutation, also advocating now for clemency. He also testified at her 2017 parole hearing stating she should be released. 
  • Karen has over $30,000 in her prison savings account.

Women’s Huron Valley Correctional Facility - where Karen is incarcerated - is reportedly 100 inmates over capacity and MDOC is looking for ways to make more room for the influx of new inmates. It costs taxpayers up to $70,000 a year to keep frail women like Karen in that prison. 

Lets #ReinventMichigan. Lets use our money wisely - and not by keeping women who are harmless to society behind bars. Governor Snyder can commute Karen's sentence at any time. Literally. 

Please sign for Karen's commutation and let him know you want him to take action now.

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