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End all types of bull-fighting

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Hundreds of videos cross our facebook timelines of human vs bull bull-fights and now horse vs bull bull-fights. While it is a large part of some countries cultures, it is a horrifically violent hobby and a waste of lives. Hundreds of horses are blinded and stripped of their vocal chords before entering the ring, so that their cries do not grant them pity from the crowds, then they are ruthlessly attacked by a bull that has been trained to attack whatever is in their way. In several videos you can see people lasso the horses legs so that they can not run away or even defend themselves, and the survival rate of these innocent useful horses incredibly low. Even if they do not die in front of the crowd, they almost always do from their injuries. 

In the Human vs Bull fights, the bulls are beaten, stabbed, poked and teased to enrage them and when they try to attack the person in the ring they are brutally stabbed with sharp lances until they are too weak to keep fighting. Even in the horse and bull fights, it is not the bulls fault, people have created this. People are to blame and even if it is a cultural tradition, this tradition needs to die, not these innocent helpless animals.  

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