Make Kansas Clergy Mandate Reporters regarding Child Sex Crime and Abuse!!!

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We are  putting this petition together  to have a law made making ALL Kansas clergy mandate reporters of Sexual abuse and abuse in general of a child. It's time to stop silencing a child's voice. It's time for churches to understand and realize they are not above the law.

How many times have children gone unheard simply because the church keeps it hidden or tries to handle things "internally"?

Last year our lives were turned upside down. My son came forward with the fact that he had been molested more than once  off and on for 3 months.

We can't call it rape yet because we are in the throws of the legal system and trying to get justice for our Sheldon.

It didn't happen at the hands of some scary stranger who kidnapped him and took him away from us. Some of it indeed happened in our church during an over night stay and even in our own home. Right under our noses where we thought our son was safe. By people we knew well and trusted. There are other minors involved so we can't go in to anymore detail than that at this time.

The part that happened in our church was not reported at all. Why? Because clergy are NOT mandate reporters in the state of Kansas. This needs to be changed.... how often do children in the church who are abused choose not to come forward for fear of not being believed or worse having their voice silenced??

We had the stranger danger talks and even the good touch bad touch talks. It still wasn't enough for Sheldon to speak out right away. It took three months for him to build the courage to come forward.

We are telling Sheldons story not to gain attention or fame but to raise awareness about how close to home the threat can be. How often abuse in the church goes undealt with and the trauma and longterm damage d that results from it. 

Sheldon coming forward sadly doesn't happen in most cases. A staggering 60% of kids who are sexualy molested don't ever come forward.

We could have just fallen apart completely and lost our faith and blamed God, but we didn't. Instead we are starting Kids Voice Ministries and Kids Voice Kansas To empower children to speak up and to believe that someone does indeed care and will believe them and most importantly STOP the abuse. Even in the church. 

Our other mission and focus is educating churches and the religious sec on children's rights and how devastating it is when you cover up or down grade what has been done to a child.

We are just getting this off the ground and hope to raise as much awareness as we can!! Please pray for our family as we move forward and heal.

Pray that God will work through us to help stop the suffering and free children from the chains of sexual abuse and that their voice WILL be heard!!!


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