Exoneration of Albert Wilson

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An all-white jury in Kansas just sentenced a black male, Albert N. Wilson, because 3 years ago the now 23 year old, then 20 year old, met a white teen, then 17 years old, in a bar called the Jayhawk Cafe for adults 21 years or older. The two ended up making out with each other after having drinks at the bar and that has landed Wilson in jail for a 12 year sentence. This is separate and unequal treatment based on race. White male Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was only sentenced to six months in jail after he was caught in the act of raping another woman. why is it that anyone who is of African American descent gets harsher sentences but white people doing worst crimes in the same category are given lenient sentences. 

In this case the young lady lied about her age and was  in a 23 and older club. This can be seen as entrapment. How would Albert know that she was not 23? She is just as responsible for this as he is. Reach out to the Kansas City State Senate and representative of the state and demand Justice for Albert