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Stop the state of Kansas from unjustified seizure of children

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What if the government took your children from you when you had committed no crime?

The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) often removes children from the homes of their parents. This is part of their job. Many of us assume that these children are in abusive homes with parents strung out on drugs, beating them senseless, too high to care about their own kids. We unquestioningly assume that the state is doing a good thing by saving these children from their parents. Or we assume that the parents are deceased, or missing, having abandoned their children, making the little ones effectively orphans.

But what if you knew that at least 80% of these children's parents were alive and not in jail, and not even convicted of a crime? What if you knew that at least 80% of these parents had not actually abandoned them?

What if you knew that sometimes, maybe even often, parents were prohibited from raising their own children in the state of Kansas because of religious differences? Or political disagreements? Or disagreements over perfectly legal child-rearing practices?

When the parents have done nothing illegal, why would the state prohibit them from raising their own children? Unfortunately, it happens more often than not, at great taxpayer expense.

How do I know this? I used to work in the Kansas child welfare system.

Further, what if you knew that according to DCF themselves, 96% of removals of children from Kansas homes were based on accusations that were never substantiated? No sufficient evidence is presented the vast majority of the time to justify the reasons given for removal, and those reasons given, even if they were substantiated, should rarely ever be considered sufficient anyway!

I am proposing new legislation that prohibits the state of Kansas from taking custody of children unless both of their parents are incarcerated, deceased, missing or willing. No other circumstance is even conceivably in the best interest of the child.

Further, this legislation should be retroactive, releasing all children from the custody of the state if their parents are not incarcerated, deceased, missing or willing.

Approximately 5,000 children could go home right now to their law-abiding parents, parents just like you, if this legislation were in place!

Stand with me and tell Governor Sam Brownback and the houses of congress to treat Kansas families with respect, to restore the authority of parents in Kansas, to build up the family rather than tearing it down.

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