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Vote For The Kansas Safe Access Act

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29 states and Washington D.C. now have medical cannabis laws, granting their citizens safe and full access to medical cannabis therapeutics. More states are lined up to pass bills this session, or to pass reform by ballot initiative. Our neighbors in Missouri and Oklahoma are numbered in the latter, and Nebraska is in the former. We will soon be surrounded by legal states. Unless Kansas also moves forward, we will be the last total prohibition state in our area. We will then be left to manage all of the implications of that status for our citizenry. Will we continue to persecute, and prosecute the sick who seek healing by traveling to our surrounding states?

“The question to consider is whether we will use scarce law enforcement resources to arrest patients who travel out of state and return with marijuana? Don’t we have a wiser and better use of the taxpayer money than arresting a veteran who suffers from PTSD and chooses not to use pharmaceuticals, or the worker who was injured on the job and doesn’t want to take opioids for his pain?”

- Barry Grissom, former U.S. attorney for Kansas

Kansas families have buried adults, and children during the nine years of fighting for their right to safe access. That is right. It has been nine years since the first bill was introduced into the Kansas legislature. Kansas children, and adults suffer needlessly. Their families suffer. We know this is not the will of the Kansas people. The people of Kansas support the rights of these patients to safe access. These patients  are their neighbors, their fellow church members, their co-workers, They made their will known in the Kansas Speaks Survey of 2017.

76% of Kansans support their neighbor's right to the safe access of medical cannabis, when recommended by their medical provider. That is more than a two thirds majority.

Below are just a few of the many ways medical cannabis laws positively impact overall public health.

In states that have medical cannabis laws:
MediCare and MediCaid prescription costs go down
Prescription use rates go down
Teen use goes down
Opiate addiction rates go down
Suicide rates go down
Drunk driving rates go down
Opioid overdose deaths go down by 25%
The hospitalization rate for opioid abuse and dependence in states with medical cannabis are roughly 23% lower than states without legal access
Emergency room visits for opioid overdoses are on average 13% lower than states without medical cannabis programs.

Cannabis is set to be a $40 BILLION dollar industry by 2021

That would be roughly a 150% increase in economic output from the $16 billion cannabis generated in 2017.

Kansas is drowning financially. As a state, we are desperate for new revenue, new jobs, and new business. Kansas is projected to have a worse than national unemployment rate again next year, and we continue to lose jobs across the state. As it stands now, one in three Kansas hospitals is at risk for closing. We have laid off over 200 mental health workers. We lost federal certification for our only state mental health hospital due to critical under-funding. We borrowed from our state workers retirement fund, and we can't pay it back. Kansas ranks fifth in the nation for people moving out of state. The largest reason given for moving being jobs, (64.19%.) The cannabis industry is forecasted to create more than a quarter of a million jobs.That is more than the expected jobs from manufacturing, utilities or even government jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

“In 2016, total marijuana sales in Colorado was $1.3 billion. As a former prosecutor, that tells me $1.3 billion did not go to criminals, but instead went to entrepreneurs who created over 18,000 full-time jobs that paid a living wage with the state taking in tax revenues of over $200 million.
Given our fiscal mess, it would be nice to have an extra $100 million in revenue that didn’t come from income tax increases.”

- Barry Grissom, former U.S. attorney for Kansas

The Kansas Safe Access Act  has been submitted to the Kansas Senate (SB187) and Kansas House (HB2348). It sits in both the Kansas House Human Health and Services Committee and the Kansas Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee.


The Kansas Safe Access Act is the ONLY bill that has been reviewed by multiple independent third party reviewers. It meets all the recommendations of the impact assessment study done by the Kansas Health Institute (KHI), and meets all the guidelines of Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (F.O.C.U.S.), the largest regulatory group in the cannabis industry.

It is a non-profit bill that funds public health, public mental health, health and mental health in K-12, and funds medical research at Kansas hospitals and universities.

Non-profit also means everything over base costs will go to free support services for patients such as nutritional support, patient support groups,medicine at a reduced price, or even for free to hospice patients. The cooperatives can even vote to offer free services to their entire small town, such as bringing in a traveling nurse, or doctor, or host medical device exchanges, and more. For our rural towns, that have little access to medical care, this could be a huge win for rural health.

“The bill covers everything from legal protections for patients and medical providers, patient identification cards, education centers, supply guidelines, cultivation guidelines, workforce education, public safety, revenue policies, packaging regulations, testing and lab requirements, waste disposal and more.”


It is 100% ecologically sustainable, both in the growing of clean medicine, and in the greatly reduced environmental impact at cultivation sites via mandated clean energy use, water capture, and grey water recycling. It is a rural modeled bill. All cultivation sites will be in rural areas. Bringing new jobs, and new business to  these areas could literally save some of our little towns that are now hovering on the brink of extinction.
There are many other great points in this bill, such as veteran and law enforcement officer operated security, educational programs to prevent impaired driving, and public safety awareness initiatives and incentive programs.

I support the Kansas Safe Access Act. I am asking you to represent my voice in Topeka. 

I want you to vote "YES" on the Kansas Safe Access Act.

It's right for the people of Kansas. Our citizens deserve to have safe access to every medical option that could save their life, or improve the quality of their life. 

It's right for Kansas. Kansas must move forward into innovation, and emerging new markets that will bring desperately needed new business, new jobs , and new revenue. The world is moving forward. Kansas cannot afford to be left behind, neither fiscally, nor in humanitarian terms.

Thank you for your time.

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