Help free Innocent boy Hunter McQueen of Linn County Kansas wrongfully incarcerated.

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Hunter was falsely accused of rape by a young girl a little over a year ago. Due to this he wasn’t able to start his life. Hunter had a great job, and was getting close to start his life on his own .We pray every day for Hunter. I sat in court, and could not believe what I had witnessed. The D.A. blatantly lying to the judge, saying he was waiting on DNA evidence( that records show he had) and wanted to have court postponed. During the wait for sentencing, the DA offered Hunter a plea bargain (knowing and having in his possession the DNA results showing that the DNA did not match Hunter). He threatened Hunter, and said if he did not take the plea bargain he would push for 25 years!!! That would terrify anyone. The entire time the DA knew the dna did not match Hunter. I fully believe that this individual who accused hunter, had an encounter earlier, and when they were found out, they lied to cover their tracks and Hunter is collateral damage. The DA had no respect for the rule of law nor for truth.

I pray daily that justice is served and those who violate the rule of law be held accountable. Hunter was innocent. The DNA evidence shows that. The evidence that the DA had and lied to the judge saying he had not received yet (paperwork shows he had evidence showing DNA was not Hunters) because he wanted a conviction and saw an opportunity to railroad a young man for his own gain. We are Sorry that Hunter has to go through this nightmare and pray that he comes out stronger. Storms don't last forever. Truth has a way of coming out in the light. Keep standing strong,

As being Hunter's mother, I don't know some of you, and want to say thanks for showing support for my son he has had his whole life ruined and will never be the same. I just want everyone to know the fight for my sons rights is not over yet, I will continue to fight for my son. And give him the peace and life he deserves. As I have stated before for those who would like to see the proof and court documents showing my sons innocence I will show you.
So for the ones who's here supporting him thank you so much.

please take 5 minutes of your time to speak out and help Hunter THIS CANT KEEP HAPPENING.

Hunter is just a 19 year old boy with big dream that have been taken from him. he is a high school graduated that loves wildlife hunting and fishing he is not a criminal that should be locked away PLEASE TAKE TIME TO HELP HIM.




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