Amend/Clarify that potbelly pigs are NOT livestock and allow them as pets

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My name is Ann Varner and for the past two years I have lived in Kansas City, Missouri with my mini pig, Marlee. Marlee is four years old and 60 pounds.. She is litterbox trained, goes on daily walks, and even sleeps with me. She is loved by many neighbors in my complex as well as neighbors in my neighborhood. She has been in the KC Star. She is my best friend and the light of my life. While walking her on a daily walk animal control (who was in the area for a stray dog) stopped me simply because she is a pig. He said I had to get a license that I was unaware of and I agreed. The next day I attempted to get a license but was made aware of the law stating she is livestock and therefore illegl. You see, they changed the law in the 90's to allow pet pigs but then changed it back. It was my mistake of misreading the ordinance. Please, please, please help me get this law amended and clarified what livestock really is, and that minipigs/potbelly pigs are PETS. I need Marlee as much as she needs me and I assure you this is for a very good cause. Getting this law amended will help there to be less abandoned pigs in shelters, the city can earn money by licensing pigs and this very grey area issue can be put to rest. Thank you in advance!

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