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Retain Chief Smith and keep the KCPD out of City Control

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We have realized that it’s time for us to speak up. We are the people that love Kansas City. We are the people that are tired of seeing the city destroyed. We are tired of seeing vandalism across our downtown area. We are tired of seeing protesters take over streets, parks, and fronts of buildings. We are tired of our city being divided.

We are tired of our Police Department being treated like they are the problem. They are NOT the problem. The officers in the Kansas City Police Department work hard every day and keep our city safe. They do this job because they love it and want to help people. The police are being blamed for the lack of economic equity in the minority communities.  The police do not make those policy decisions.  The city legislature does.

The Mayor and City Council have allowed lawlessness to take over and that lawlessness has caused nothing but chaos. We watched as criminals destroyed the plaza area, we watched as our officers had acid, firecrackers, pig heads and so much more thrown at them. We have watched as the complete lack of action of our City Council has truly been permission for crime. We will watch no longer.

The leadership displayed by Chief Smith is second to none and he seems to be the only city leader that is concentrating on what it will take to keep our city safe. He seems to be the only one that is intent on restoring our city, holding criminals accountable for their actions, and decreasing crime. He seems to be the only one that is trying to fix the true issues in our city.  He brought in social workers to try and help with non-police issues.  When the community was screaming for body cameras he was the one that helped get the funding for them when the city would not.

So, we, the people that care about our city have some requests to make:

1. Chief Smith has led the KC Police Department like no other. He is respected by the “rank and file” and knows more about fighting crime than any person sitting on City Council. So we are asking that you encourage the Mayor and City Council to do just that- let Chief Smith do his job. They waste more time asking for information from the police department that goes nowhere because they don’t truly understand what it means.
2. We want you to encourage the Mayor and City Council to do a few things with the police department:
a. A ride along- with multiple stations, on different shifts
b. Sit with both call takers and police dispatchers
c. Do Virtra training
3. The truth is we will never have compliance without consequences.  So we have 2 issues on this front.  
a. We need a city jail. The City Council continues to block a city jail. This means we have nowhere to put criminals. Criminals that hurt people. Criminals that drive drunk and put others at risk. They have made it clear that they don’t understand what kinds of criminals are still prosecuted at a city level. So we are asking you to put pressure on the city to build a city jail. We need somewhere to put the people that are committing crimes.
b. We also need prosecution at the State level.  We need prosecutors that will do their jobs. Crimes that should be prosecuted by our county prosecutors should not be continually sent to the city courts.  We are asking that you pressure all of our county prosecutors to do their jobs and prosecute state level crime.
4. The Mayor and City Council have made it clear that they do not understand how a police department works.  They don’t understand what are and what are not crimes, they don’t understand how criminals are caught and they don’t understand that we need a jail to put them in. They look for ways to “decrease contact with the police” instead of looking for ways to stop the crime in the first place or to make sure criminals are in jail. Their answer is to decriminalize things. They don’t understand police polices or procedures. They don’t understand nonlethal force or when it is necessary. They simply do not truly understand how a police department functions. We are seeing local control over police departments fail over and over. We are asking that you stand up and publicly say that you do not support local control of the police department.

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