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Petitioning Governor Sam Brownback and 9 others

Kansas Cannabis Compassionate Care Bill - HB2330

House Bill 2330, the Kansas Cannabis Compassion & Care Act, has been reintroduced in the Kansas Legislature and referred to the House Committee on Health and Human Services. The measure seeks to enact legal protections for authorized medical marijuana patients and is similar to a proposal considered in the 2010 legislative session. House Bill 2330 will help to ensure that medical marijuana patients in Kansas will no longer have to fear arrest or prosecution from state law enforcement. As introduced, this act would allow qualified patients diagnosed with a “debilitating medical condition” to possess up to 12 cannabis plants (not including as many as 12 seedlings) and/or 6 ounces of marijuana for therapeutic purposes. The measure seeks to establish not-for-profit “compassion centers” to provide medical marijuana for patients in a safe, above-ground environment. According to a 2010 statewide poll of Kansas voters, nearly 60 percent of respondents support this measure. Currently, fifteen states -- Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington – and the District of Columbia have enacted laws protecting medical marijuana patients from state prosecution. Patients in these states enjoy legal protections to use medicinal marijuana under a doctor's supervision; seriously ill citizens in Kansas deserve this same protection. Please take two minutes of your time today to contact your state House member and tell him or her to support medical marijuana. If your Representative sits on the House Committee on Health and Human Service then it is especially important that he or she hears from you. Thank you for your support of NORML KS and our efforts to enact medical marijuana reform in Kansas.

Letter to
Governor Sam Brownback
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State Representative Gail Finney
State Representative Scott Schwab
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State Senator Robert Olson
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Kansas Governor
We are your constituents and neighbors and we are outraged by the continuing suffering of Kansans who are needlessly sick and dying because we have not provided them with safe access to the medicine they need.

We ask that you protect the right of patients and doctors to treat illnesses in the manner they believe works best, which includes the use of medical marijuana, by providing Kansans with Compassionate Care legislation.

Modern medical research has discovered beneficial uses for marijuana in treating or alleviating the pain or other symptoms associated with certain debilitating medical conditions. Kansans deserve a new law that allows physicians to prescribe marijuana for relief from symptoms associated with such diseases as Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, AIDS, Crohn's Disease, and other serious illnesses.

We ask that Kansas provide Compassionate Care Legislation to protect from arrest, prosecution, property forfeiture, and criminal and other penalties those Kansans who might use marijuana under their physicians's supervision in order to alleviate suffering.

It is clear that science and the public support medical marijuana legislation. Other states have legally recognized marijuana's potential for the safe and effective treatment of medical illnesses. The Federal Government has now adopted a posture deferring to the state's own enacted legislation approving medical cannabis use. Kansas voters deserve to be included among those who have been granted compassionate access to cannabis for relief of pain and disease.