Karnataka Vonde , Let's not divide Karnataka

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We kannadigas are being trapped by national political parties and making us victim to form a separate state of Karnataka that is "North Karnataka and south Karnataka" on 15th August 2018 I request all kannadigas ( The people of Karnataka) for a Twitter war as an answer to the national political leaders by tweeting we all kannadigas are one. Hashtag #karnatakavonde at 11:00 am on 15th August 2018 followed by other social media like Facebook , Google plus and WhatsApp. Let's show our strength that we are one . Karnataka vonde. Karnataka state can't be divided like andhra Pradesh , telengana , uttar Pradesh or uttarkhand. United we are united we stand jai Karnataka.


Farhan Rasheed

Kannada blogger

Read an article : https://www.digitalnadu.com/2018/08/karnataka-vonde-north-karnataka.html