Change speed limit on Kangaroo Island to below 80kph between dusk and dawn: save animals.

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Due to the recent bushfires the habitat of many animals has been destroyed. When I visited KI some months after the 2007 bushfires I was astonished at the large numbers of live animals on the road between dusk and dawn, and distressed by the amount of roadkill. Vistors to the island have limited idea of the risks, and we found our tourist neighbours distressed by the damage to their rental car after hitting an animal at night.

My petition is to the council to change the speed limit on the Southern Ocean Tourist drive on Kangaroo Island to below 80kph between dusk and dawn. At that speed, people have some chance of stopping before killing yet another animal and causing property damage. Seeing a lot of roadkill on the island is distressing for tourists. More recently, I have heard tourists complain that the only wild life that they had seen was dead on the road. That is not good for the animals and not good business. I am deliberately appealing to the commercial aspects in the hope that the council pays attention.

There is precedence around for this type of speed limit (eg. Freycinet NP in Tasmania), and at the very least the council could invoke this temporarily while the animals are recovering from the bushfires.