Justice for Ray Voss. The guy who beat my dad almost to death needs prosecuted.

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2 years ago on April fools April 1st, my dad had filed divorce with my mom & a few months later, about 2/3 months after he filed he was attacked by my mom's nephew outside of a pizza joint, in Saint Anthony Idaho. My dad walked out of the pizza joint late at night around 10 pm with a pizza in 1 hand and a 2 liter soda in the other hand. He didnt make 5 feet from the door when he was attacked from behind and was knocked out cold. While he was on the ground unconscious he was beaten brutally with medical confirmation of at least 30 blows to his face. He was left in the dark on the cold sidewalk to die. Fortunately a lady found him and dialed 911. My dad though he fell because he doesnt remember anything. He has brain damage and serious problems now. Later that evening my moms nephew who beat my dad called 911and told the emt's was due to his breaking his hand on my dads face. When police spoke to my moms nephew he was never arrested. The judge prosecuting and his family are friends with my mother and her side of the family. I have proof of the judge stating this himself in writing as well as on voice recordings.  Another different judge who at the time was over their divorce had told my dad in court, that he deserved what had happened to him by my moms nephew. Petitions have been filed asking for the judge to withdraw himself due to conflict of interest but he wont and let him walk from charges and prosecution twice. The prosecutor was new as well and did not bring up hardly of the evidence & did not question any witness. We had asked numerous times and have written numerous places like the bar and judicial systems ect.. nothing. My moms nephew just bought a house 6 months ago directly behind ours (my dad and I) and has told people its to provoke my dad. Cops still wont do anything. Please if you know anything that could possibly help..let me know. Thank you!